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Leadership is not easy, especially for administrative leaders who have leadership responsibilities, but no formal rank or title. But true leadership - WOW leadership - is one of the most essential skills you can have, regardless of your age, income, position or title. And when done right, the title is actually the LEAST important factor in a leader's effectiveness.

In this book, Sandy outlines 5 simple rules (the WOWplace Rules) that help all leaders authentically connect with others, build trust and respect, and create deeper relationships with the entire team without having to pull rank to get things done.

Offering uplifting ideas, illustrative stories, and easy-to-use models, Sandy helps you focus on creating the type of environment where people proactively look for ways to serve and take ownership for creating WOW experiences for everyone around them.


“Sandy's ideas for making someone's day, recognizing employees or just having a smile on your face are great! This book should be shared with all levels of management and employees. It could change your business for the better. Her ideas can also overflow to personal lives, especially recognizing someone who's done a great job whether with school or chores or ideas/suggestions. Sandy has put together a ‘WOW’ book!”
          - Patti (administrative professional)

“The book was an easy to read book that will help inspire any business to have a more productive and fun work place. The examples given in the book were done very well to reinforce the points by the author, I would recommend this to folks from all parts of the organization from the front line worker to the CEO. It shows you how taking care of customers and the employees empowered to do so allow everyone to succeed. It is not done with theories but instead with real world. I have already shared this book with some of my co-workers. It is a must read.”
          - Joe Clark (corporate leader)

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